Monday, December 1, 2014

Haunted House

I started by shading the cartoon castle with the paintbrush tool and the paint bucket. Then I used the move tool to add in the ghosts and the girl. I filled in the girls dress, hair, skin, and face using the paint bucket tool. I also added some color to the ghosts using the paintbrush.

Bird Coloring Page

I used an online picture of a bird coloring page and filled it with realistic looking feathers. I used softer looking feathers around the face and more textured feathers on the wings and body. Then I used the paint bucket to fill in the eye and beak.

Peacock Kaleidoscope

For my Peacock Kaleidoscope, I used: the paintbrush tool, paint bucket tool,  gradient tool and patter tool, to create different textures and styles in the kaleidoscope. Each peacock has a different design and color scheme. I tried to use colors that worked together and stood out against the black background.