Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Where's Hannah?

For my Where's Waldo project, I added things that described me and things that I enjoy. I used the magic wand tool and the selection tool to select what I wanted in an image. I also used the erase tool to erase unwanted things that were accidentally selected. Using many layers, I was able to move things around to make it more interesting. In my Where's Hannah, I hid four normal Waldos and myself as Waldo. Can you find them?

Black Panther

One of my favorite animals is the Black Panther, so for the Albrecht Dürer assignment I choses to do a Black Panther. I started by dropping out the background to isolate the panther. Then I filled in the background with a black and white pattern. Using the graphic pen tool, I then added texture to the panther itself.

Edawrd Gorey

Using the black and white color scheme, I drew the body of the young girl, standing around the banana trees, by hand. I used a stencil for the head, though. I also used the stencil tool to create the banana trees, the bananas on the tree, the sun, and the banner. I used the texted tool to create and write my poem on the banner.